Hackers target 55,000 VFW members

CREATED Apr 14, 2014

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Local veterans said they are just learning now their identities may have been stolen from the VFW.

This security breach, in which cyber hackers broke into the agencies website,  happened back in February.

"For someone to steal my identity and maybe use it in a terrorist type manner that to me is very alarming," said Scott Salski, who served in Operation Desert Shield.

Salski has been a member of the VFW for 4 years and said he's had no problems with the agency until he received this letter last week.

"It talked about a security breach that the VFW had on its website," Salski said. The letter dated April 4 said back in March the VFW learned "hackers" downloaded the names, addresses and social security numbers of "approximately 55,000 VFW members"

The letter goes on to say the hackers are believed to be from "China" and wanted "information regarding military plans or contracts."

"It disturbs me that the Chinese are able to breach an agency such as a the VFW," Salski said.

A quick search of its website shows back in February the national headquarters sent out a memo explaining the security breach, but Salski wants to know why it took so long to contact him.

"If they knew about it at least on March 4, then congress must have been aware of this issue also," Salski said.

The VFW said they will provide identify theft protection to the 55,000 members affected for one year.