Gunfire rips through home in Racine, no injuries reported

CREATED May 12, 2014

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RACINE -- Gunfire erupted early Sunday, tearing through a house in Racine.

Racine police are trying to figure who shot up this home risking the lives of at least six people including two families.

Jose Partida, who lives inside, recognized the sound of gunfire ripping through his walls at 4 a.m.

"You can see the holes," he said.

The bullets hit the backside of the Racine Street house, missing those inside.

"Very fast pop pop pop pop was scary, it was scary," Partida said.

When the bullets flew, Partida and his wife both hit the ground.

"She said what was that? I said gunfire! Get on the floor," he said. "I went on the floor too. I told her to get on the floor and call the cops."

Partida rents the top part of his home to a family of four, where he says most of the gunfire was aimed.

Neighbors were absolutely stunned by the violence.

"Bullets don't have eyes," said neighbor Jessie Hollimon. "You might miss that person, but then it might hit someone else. A kid or whatever."

Partida said after 18 years with his wife, he is more grateful for her now than ever before.

"It feels like life is short you know? I was very shook up," he said.

Police said they're still investigating and have not said whether they have any suspects.