Gun club denied permit to re-open

CREATED Dec. 2, 2013

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DELAFIELD -- A controversial gun club was denied a permit by unanimous vote of the common council Monday night, fulfilling the will of vocal community members opposed to the shooting range.

City leaders revoked the Hartland Sportsman's Club permit in 2010 after a woman at a nearby restaurant patio was grazed by a stray bullet. Her injury was not severe, but it set off fears in the community that a round could leave the club property and hit a neighboring home or business.

The club had worked with the city for more than two years to address numerous safety concerns. Club attorney Jeremy Levinson said concerns had all been addressed, but the community and the council were still not satisfied.

“So the target, if I can coin an awkward pun, they kept moving the target," Levinson said.

The council agreed with a unanimous decision made last month by the city plan commission to deny a permit to the club.

With the municipal process complete, Levinson said the club was weighing legal action against the city.