Religious group barred from Walworth County Fair

CREATED Feb 26, 2014

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WALWORTH COUNTY -- A Catholic group says the Walworth County Fair is discriminating against them after the board denied its request for a booth at this September's fair.

Peggy Emmerth with Peter's Net believes her organization has been censored for its religious and anti-abortion stances.

The group handed out plastic fetuses, at times, to children. They also handed out literature and other religious items.

The Fair board denied their request because they say the group didn't follow the rules.

Attorney Anthony Coletti, who represents the Board, said the group was supposed to notify the board of what they handed out. The board also said the group should have stayed within the confines of their booth. 

"We don't feel we should have to be censored unjustly," Emmerth said. "We don't want any special treatment but we don't want any special rules on us that aren't on any other groups either."