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Great pumpkin problems

CREATED Oct 18, 2013

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  • The Halloween Express on the State Fair Grounds ran into trouble when construction in the area threatened to drive off sales

WISCONSIN STATE FAIR PARK – The Great Pumpkin is battling one great problem along Interstate 94.

Halloween Express is busy with customers looking for costumes, but a massive construction project could soon hinder business.

Owner Jon Majdoch isn’t easily frightened, but a Friday visit from DOT workers gave him chills.

"I got a call from my store that said, ‘The DOT is here and says we need to move all the vehicles, and tell customers they can't park in front of the tent.’"

A massive overhaul of the Zoo Interchange means major construction outside the seasonal store.

Work near Wisconsin State Fair Park was set to start next month.

Majdoch called TODAY’S TMJ4 when crews told him they'd be installing barricades on Monday - just 10 feet from his door.

"I said,‘Do you understand we're only here two more weeks? Do you understand what this will do to our business?’” Majdoch exclaimed.

Majdoch and TODAY’S TMJ4 contacted the Department of Transportation. Workers admit the project is moving ahead of schedule, but they're willing to compromise.

Portions of the pavement in front of Halloween Express will be torn up next week, but the barricades won't go up until after October 31st.

Staffers don’t know how much of the parking lot will be affected next week, the busiest time of the month for the business.

Workers will keep the store running until November 2nd.