Governor addresses Waukesha stabbing during Special Olympics run

CREATED Jun 5, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 5, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- Governor Scott Walker joined law enforcement around Wisconsin for a little jog Thursday morning.

He was running in the law enforcement torch run for his 16th year.
"It's a lot of fun ... and it's all for the Special Olympics," Walker said. "...Over the years it's really built a couple of Special Olympics just see the excitement, you see the thrill..."
Taking place in the same city where a 12-year-old was stabbed 19 times by two other 12-year-old girls over the weekend, Walker said it's not just on days just like today, but why every day, people should praise the hard work law enforcement does.
"I've got two nieces who live here in Waukesha County, both about the same age [as the suspects]... and it's just amazing to think about something as horrific as that," Walker said. "Thankfully that's not a reflection of most of the people here in Waukesha County or anywhere around the state of Wisconsin." 
The question of whether to charge the 12-year-old's as adults in the court system has raised several questions.
"Certainly that is going to be something to assess," Walker said. "It's just heartbreaking no matter what happens in the terms of the courts."
He said it was hard to imagine that someone as young as the suspects could be involved in something like a stabbing.
"I think it goes far beyond just whether there is a law or not; back to just as parents, as individuals, as people, as a society, how we step up and say 'you know we gotta support good things in our society and good ways to influence young people.'"