Governor Walker responds to email scandal questions

CREATED Feb 23, 2014

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MADISON -- It's still a hot topic for people all across the political spectrum.

What Did Governor Scott Walker know about recently released secret e-mails and when did he know it?

Walker calls the emails "old news." They date back to when he was the Milwaukee County Executive in 2010 and running for governor.

But new questions have surfaced whether Walker knew about a private email system used by his county and campaign staff.

The governor was asked about it on Fox News Sunday.

Chris Wallace: Did you know there was a private email account?
Walker: Now, it's again one of those where I point out the district attorney has reviewed each one of these issues...
Wallace: But sir your not answering my question?
Walker: No, because I'm not going to get into 27,000 pieces of information.

Walker was asked again by reporters in Washington D-C.

Reporter: Did you ever use that secret email system yourself?
Walker: Again, the process is very clear, the district attorney talked about what's involved in the process.

Walker's take on all the questions, case closed.

"The largest district attorneys office in the state lead by a Democrat went through each and everyone of those communications, talked to individuals an ultimately decided to close the case last year," said Walker

27,000 pages of emails were released last week from the John Doe investigation.

Walker was never charged with any wrong doing. He claims Democrats are trying to dig up dirt in an election year to change the subject.

"What I think it is with the DNC, with others, both in the state and across the country, they desperately want something negative to happen in Wisconsin," said Walker.

When asked about the emails and Walker's response, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "What we continue to see is the further erosion of public trust in the governor's judgment."