Governor Walker doesn't appear close to casino decision

CREATED Nov 11, 2013

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MADISON - Governor Walker issued a statement today regarding a decision he must make about a proposed casino in Kenosha.

It doesn't appear the Governor is any closer to a decision.  In the statement he says, "Helping the people of Wisconsin create more jobs is my number one priority. With that in mind, I am directing the Secretary of the Department of Administration to commence extensive discussions with the tribal governments in an effort to maximize job creation in our state."

The Governor points out that it took the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs nine years to approve the application for a casino in Kenosha.  He says he won't take that long.

In a statement, the Potawatomi tribe, which opposes the proposed casino, says, "We appreciate Governor Walker giving a thorough and deliberate evaluation of the Kenosha casino proposal to see if it meets the criteria that he set more than two years ago."

The Potawatomi tribe goes on to say it expects the Governor will find the casino does not meet his standards and is not in the best interest of Wisconsin.

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