Good Samaritan shot in purse snatching struggle

CREATED Jul 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 6, 2014

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UPDATE 7/7 4:50 p.m. -- The 24-year-old Milwaukee man who was shot doesn't want to be identified, and remains hospitalized Monday morning.

Dane Mantia said his roommate ran to help the women after hearing them scream. Moments after hearing a gunshot, Mantia discovered his friend on the ground bleeding.
"I was just trying to be a source of comfort to him in anyway that I could and just try to wrap my mind around what had just happened." Mantia said.


It was a quiet, summer night in the 1500 block of N. Cass Street until Laurel Tilley was awakened by loud shouts.

"I heard screaming outside. It sounded like a gunshot," recalls Tilley. She jumped up and dialed 911.

Those screams were coming from two sisters, being robbed at gunpoint. They're too shaken up to show their faces, but the older sister says one of the suspects held a gun to her head. He was trying to get her purse.

She tells TODAY’S TMJ4 when the first suspect couldn't yank the purse off her body, the second one jumped in, and started punching and kicking her.

She ended up getting dragged through the grass, until one of the suspects finally got the purse off her. The suspects also snatched the purse from her younger sister. Their dad is grateful the women got away with only scrapes and bruises.

"It’s one of my worst nightmares, is something happening to our daughters. We're just extremely relieved that they are ok," says the girls’s dad, Mike.

The family is more concerned about the Good Samaritan who came to the girls' rescue, and was shot in the struggle.

"Then there was a guy here on the ground who had been shot because he had came out and tackled one of the muggers,” recalls neighbor Laurel Tilley. “He got shot at close range."

Police tell us he was taken to the hospital, but is expected to live.

“We want to thank him as much as we can for stepping up and helping out," adds Mike.

No arrests have been made yet.