Germantown officer pricked by needle during overdose rescue

CREATED Aug 5, 2014

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GERMANTOWN -- An overdose call in Germantown last weekend could have spelled big trouble for one officer.

When officers administered Narcan to an unconscious man inside a Speedway bathroom, they said they recognized the signs of a possible heroin overdose.

While on the scene, one of the officers accidentally got pricked with a needle the man had on him.

"You don't know if this needle is shared, or what his condition is,” explains Captain Mike Snow of the Germantown Police Department. “For an officer to have to go through that - not knowing, it's a very stressful thing for an officer to experience."

Still, Captain Snow tells TODAY’S TMJ4 that officer, Ryan Bloch, is doing OK.

“The rest of his shift, he was getting medical attention. By the next day, he was cleared for duty and back on the job," adds Captain Snow.

Officers were trained to use Narcan just three weeks ago. This is the first time they've had a chance to use it on duty.