General Motors recalls more than 200,000 vehicles

CREATED May 21, 2014

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Add another recall to the list for General Motors.  This recall includes 218,000 vehicles, including Chevrolet Aveos from 2004 to 2008 models.  A daytime light module in the dashboard can overheat and catch fire.

"It's too bad people had to die to bring this to the forefront," said Ken Rimer.
General Motors has issued 29 recalls, and there are reports more could be on the way.
"I wish it would have come 8 years ago or my step-daughter would still be here," Rimer said.
Rimer's 18 year-old step daughter, Natasha Weigel, and her 15 year-old friend Amy Rademaker died in an accident in St. Croix County.  Investigators say the girls were in a Chevy Cobalt that had one of those faulty ignition switches, and the airbags did not deploy.
While Rimer argues the recalls show g-m is starting to take responsibility.
"Anything they do to correct it before an accident, is a good thing," Rimer said.
He's also critical of the auto-maker, and doesn't trust the cars anymore.
"Are they trying to cut corners and cut costs to the extent that they put a defective product out in the market place," Rimer said.
Rimer and Rademaker's family have filed a lawsuit against GM.  He tells me the company's internal investigation into the crashes should be released by the end of May or early June.