Fundraiser held to help West Allis detective's family

CREATED Apr 28, 2014

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WEST ALLIS -- More help is pouring in for the family of Stacie Napoli, the West Allis police detective who died after giving birth to twins, Parker and Ellie.

A huge fundraiser was held on Sunday for her family about a block away from the police department at Nathan Hale High School.
"It's really shown us how much people do care," said Heather Orlowski, a friend and fundraiser organizer. "There's hope that Ellie may come home this next week. She's doing well.  Parker's doing very well.  He's a little behind in coming home, but not by much."
Detective Paula Roberson with the Wauwatosa Police Department said she was at the fundraiser because she wanted to help another law enforcement family.
"I'm overwhelmed with the amount of support," Roberson said. "All these people are coming out and not a lot them knew Stacie."
It's been two months since Stacie Napoli died of a rare pulmonary embolism due to childbirth, just moments after delivering her babies.
"A really horrible situation that people have tried to make a little easier.  It's been great," Orlowski said. "It's been great to see how many people can pull together when we need them to."