Fun turns to fear in Kenosha park Sunday

CREATED Jun 16, 2014

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KENOSHA - Fun turned to fear in a Kenosha park, where a teenage girl had a creepy encounter with a stranger.

Luckily, Terrence Mountain and Cody Duczak stepped-in to protect her. 
It happened at Union Park Sunday afternoon.
Police say a stranger grabbed the 13-year-old girl, and tried to drag her away.
That stranger was allegedly drunk, and had been making inappropriate comments to other girls in the area.
"She was sitting on the swing and he came up and started pushing her by her lower back," Terrence describes. "She jumped off the swing to get away from him, and he grabbed her wrist very tightly and started pulling her toward him."
Terrence was able to intervene. He pull the girl from the stranger's grasp, and brought her to his home across the street.
"The man had followed us there, yelling at me, telling me he was going to fight me," Terrence describes. "The girl was shaking. I'm just glad we were there for her. Who knows what would have happened?"
Terrence called police, who showed up and arrested the man. He's been identified as Tom Dulaney, 52.  He's charged with false imprisonment and disorderly conduct. 
Dulaney posted his $2,500 bond and is out of jail. But he cannot go near any public parks or consume any drugs or alcohol.
Dulaney could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted. He's due in court June 24th.