"Frostquake" is talk of the town in Waupun

CREATED Jan 13, 2014

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WAUPUN -  A loud boom and a big crack down a man's driveway is the talk of the town in Waupun.

It wasn't caused by an earthquake but a frost quake.

It split Dennis Olsen's gravel driveway right down the middle for about 150 feet.

Olsen uses a yardstick to measure the depth of the large crack
he discovered last Tuesday during the deep freeze.

The crack is about an inch wide and up to a foot deep.

"I heard a boom up there in the house," said Olsen. "It was loud enough. It just shook everything."

At first he thought the loud boom was caused by an explosion. But
after calling the Sheriff's Department he learned it was a frost

It's the result of water freezing and expanding in the soil and bedrock.

But Olsen says he's never seen or heard anything like it in the 48
years he has lived in rural Fond du Lac County.

The good news is it really didn't do to much damage to Olsen's driveway. He plans to cover it up or fill it in when all the ice and snow go away.