Fifth suspected heat-related death in Milwaukee

CREATED Jul 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE-- A 64-year-old woman was pronounced dead early Saturday morning. Her body temperature read 110 degrees. She was found in her home near 15Th Place and W. Becher. 

According to the medical examiner, the family never opened the windows due to fear of shots being fired in the neighborhood.  

The temperature in the home read 93 degrees. She did have an air conditioner, but could not install it on her own.

"They didn't come out very much, they were older, they didn't really communicate too much around here," said neighbor Wilma Steffenson. 

More information will be available on Monday after an autopsy has been done. 

The medical examiner is also investigating a 5Th death, possibly related to the heat.  A 69 year old man was taken to St. Joseph Hospital from a home on north 41st Street with his body temperature reported at 102 degrees.

The other three victims ranged in age from 44 to 79.