Former West Bend police officer files sex discrimination suit

CREATED Mar 21, 2014

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WEST BEND - A former police officer in West Bend has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the city.

Brenda Grinwald says the police department forced her to resign.  She claims she took the fall for a male officer  the department wanted to protect.

The details include allegations of conspiracy and a police cover-up of criminal activity. In her lawsuit, Brenda Grinwald says she was framed.

Grinwald assisted Officer Chad Kohler on a complaint about a woman illegally selling her mother's prescription pills.

Grinwald was dispatched to another call and left. According to her, a sergeant "advised Officer Kohler to leave the pill bottle at the scene, and he did so."

But then, some of the pills disappeared, and she says Kohler accused her of stealing them!

She claims he "did not collect, inventory, count, or process any of the pills."

Grinwald reported that "standard police custody and procedure required the officer to arrest the suspect and confiscate the pills as evidence.”

She thinks he accused her because he was scared he'd get disciplined for not following protocol.

Grinwald says the other officer was never investigated and claims she was forced to resign. She believes it's because she's a woman.  At the time, there were 70 officers at the department.  Only two were women.

The lawsuit asks for back pay, along with damages - but does not give a specific dollar amount.  

We left messages with the Police Chief and knocked on Brenda Grinwald's door to ask her about the lawsuit. Only the West Bend City Attorney got back to us, saying she couldn't comment.