Former POW still enjoying life at 90

CREATED May 25, 2014

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WIND LAKE -- Burt Pfaff is partying like a rock star tonight at Penny's Bar in Wind Lake.

"Today is my birthday. I am 90 years-old. I never expected to see 21. I was a prisoner of war when I was 20."

Captured by the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge, Pfaff escaped once and was recaptured. He nearly died. He was in five different work camps. His best friend died two days before he was liberated by another American unit.

"I am lucky, I am one of the luckiest guys in the world."

Pfaff lost his wife of 70 years last fall. He also survives two of his three children. He credits good friends and faith in how he has been able to survive tough battles.

"It's in God's hands. I thank God every day. Every day is a bonus, so I take it one day at a time and appreciate every day."

At 90, he has an undeniable youthful glow. Some of his friends call him a chic magnet.

Earlier in the day he checked skydiving off his bucket list.

"It's just another thing on my list that I wanted to do."

Pfaff boarded the plane at Skydive Midwest in Sturtevant and jumped with a tandem skydiver from 14,500 feet. Although his landing was a little rough, as Pfaff slid in nearly horizontal, nearly two dozen friends and family gave him a booming applause.

"My hearing aids aren't in so I have no idea what you are saying," Pfaff said as he stood up.

"What an experience! That was great! I am going for a gin and tonic."