Former Messmer teacher faces sentencing

CREATED Dec 30, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A former teacher in Milwaukee is due to be sentenced this week.  A judge found Megan Garland guilty of sexually assaulting two high school students.

If the mother of one of those students has her way, the sentence will be significant. The letters in this folder are written from the heart. Kathi Rodgers will give them to the District Attorney's office on behalf of her son, and his friend.

"I have letters that people mailed from out of state - relatives that don't live here, just so they can let it be known that you just can't touch children,” explains Kathi Rodgers. “The crime that she committed is just horrible. She needs to pay for it."

Messmer High School teacher Megan Garland was convicted of sexually assaulting Rodgers' son and another teenage boy.

We asked her what she wants the judge to do with the letters.

"I want the judge to take a look at what everyone's saying in these letters and realize that it's not just about the crime. There are victims and this is going to be lifelong," expresses Rodgers.

Rodgers explained what kind of penalty she’d like for Garland.

"I want just enough time for her to be punished. I don't want her charges to be concurrent. I want them to be consecutive," maintains Garland.

As for her son, she tells TODAY’S TMJ4 he's still at Messmer.

"I do not blame Messmer for this. I blame Miss Megan Garland."

Kathi says the boys are living regular lives, having fun, and getting good grades. They’re doing what teenagers should be doing.