For some, Opening Day brings second chance for Ryan Braun

CREATED Mar 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Opening Day brings new hope for Brewers fans big and little, and a new beginning for Ryan Braun.

Lots of kids who look up to Braun were let down by his 65 game suspension last year.That includes Jakob King.
He's all about the Brewers and Braun. But ask the 12 year old about Braun's big lie and suspension for using performance enhancing drugs, and he sums it up pretty quick.
"Uhm, kind of mad," he says.
King loves baseball. He was at the Brewers Baseball Academy last year and played in the Little League All Star Game.
His whole family was an Opening Day and Jakob was wearing his number 8 jersey.
"I'm still happy he's out there," said King, who didn't think twice about wearing his Braun jersey to the game.
Opening Day wasn't just about bonding and building relationships between fathers, sons and daughters; it was also about rebuilding Braun's relationship with fans.
"Ryan made some mistakes and paid for it with his suspension," said Brewers fan Dan Oglan.
Oglan and his sons are enjoying an Opening Day tradition. He has talked with his 11-year old son Cayden about Braun's suspension. His son still struggles with his feelings about Braun but concluded, "I like him. He made bad decisions, but I still like him."
For King it's also about forgiveness and Opening Day was a start.
"When he got the hit it was pretty cool," said King. "I got to see him get his first hit after he got suspended, so that's pretty cool."