Foggy skies aren't stopping flights at Mitchell International

CREATED Jun 23, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- While foggy skies and dark clouds may keep air show performers on the ground, the visibility issues won't stop commercial flights at Milwaukee's airport. 

Harold Mester works for the airport, and he says the fog hasn't been a big issue for air travelers.
"As far as cancellations or delays because of the weather over the last few days, they've been minimal at Mitchell International."
That's due in part to the technology pilots use to fly commercial planes. 
"For airline flights [pilots] are able to operate in instrument conditions," Mester says, "which means they can take off and land in very low visibility. 
In terms of cancellations, Mester says that each airline has a different policy regarding cancellations because of visibility. 
Air travelers should check with their airline's website directly, or they can find up-to-date information on Mitchell International's website.