First responders help deliver baby inside Kenosha home

CREATED Apr 8, 2014

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KENOSHA - Police officers and firefighters helped deliver a baby who just couldn't wait to get to the hospital. The first responders had to force their way into an apartment in Kenosha because the woman in labor couldn't get to the door.

She’s not even a day old, but baby Imani has already had her first big adventure.

“She was coming! She was coming!” remembers her mom Maria Turner. “I wasn't thinking anything. I was kind of in shock.”

Maria called 911. The contractions were coming a minute apart. When police officers arrived, mom couldn't exactly answer the door.

The officers went to the back of the apartment, looked inside the window and saw the mom lying on the living room floor. She was so far into labor they actually had to kick the door open to get inside.

Paramedics arrived next. Captain Jim Miller of the Kenosha Fire Department was the one who delivered the baby!

“It’s pretty exciting for us to have that happen,” says Miller.” And then of course, when we arrive at the hospital, they were all like, oh, you did it at the house? Thanks for doing our job!”

This is the third baby he’s delivered in his 24 year career.

“Thank you for helping me,” expresses Maria Turner. “Because I don’t know how I would have had her by myself.”

She had her other 4 kids in the hospital.

“I didn’t have an epidural. With my other ones I had an epidural. I felt everything with her,” laughs Turner.