Firefighters battle through extremely cold temps

CREATED Jan 27, 2014

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CUDAHY - The firefighters at Cudahy Fire Station Two are very prepared for the cold weather. But that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it  underneath all their layers.


Nick Haase has been a firefighter for eight years. But this winter is different than any other he’s experienced.

“This is definitely the coldest winter since I’ve worked at this department and  probably for my fire career,” shares Haase.

Firefighters have to limit their time out in the cold, and cover up any skin that might be exposed.

Some of the firefighters use hand warmers. They keep them inside their pockets, inside their gloves, and even inside their boots.

They wear the same uniform in the summer and the winter. It’s made for extreme weather. Haase still feels the chill.

“The wind goes right through you. I mean we wear all that gear. It goes right through you, it’s that cold out,” adds Haase.

Those layers can freeze. The firefighters bring extra gloves, hats, and shirts to change into. They also keep an eye on the equipment inside the trucks.

"The plumbing, we empty it,” says Battalion Chief Robert Schmidt. “We make sure there’s no water in it so it can’t freeze.”

They stay prepared. But Schmidt says they haven’t gotten a lot of cold-weather calls this year.


“I think people are kind of understanding how important it is to prepare for the cold weather,” says Schmidt.