Former transit employee goes from fired to honored

CREATED Jan 8, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 9, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - We have new information about a Milwaukee county bus supervisor who was fired. He was let go after he helped a woman who was being attacked by her boyfriend.  

At a news conference at Milwaukee City Hall on Wednesday, he went from fired to honored.
Leaders with the city and county of Milwaukee joined Sheriff David Clarke to publicly thank Bill Bierman for his act of bravery.
"So on behalf of a grateful community, it is my pleasure to present to Mr. Bierman our golden gloves award, fighting for a better Milwaukee," said Alderman Bob Donovan.
And now, public officials are fighting for Bill Bierman to get his job back.
"When you do the right thing, the right outcome will happen," said Sheriff Clarke.
It started back in October as Bierman worked on a broken down bus near 2nd and National. He heard a woman fighting with her boyfriend.
"I'm not gonna watch someone be a victim," said Bierman.
He put his hands on the guy who ran away.  But then Bierman tells us, the county transit system fired him for violating the workplace policy on violence.
"It was a hard hit. It was a totally unexpected hit," said Bierman.
We went to MCTS headquarters for comment Wednesday, but no one would talk to us. Now, Alderman Donovan is asking the public to email their county board supervisor and the county executive.
"Hopefully with enough pressure, some of these bureaucrats may uh, be shaped up a little," said Alderman Donovan. 
County executive Chris Abele looked at the surveillance tape from that night. HE thinks MCTS had no right to fire him and has asked them to reconsider.
Bill Bierman has been looking for a job since all this happened. So far, he's found some through a temp agency - though it's not enough to support his family.
"Thank God for the support of my wife who I admire greatly and without her support, we're we're doing okay," said Bierman.