Fired MCTS worker reinstated with back pay

CREATED Jan 13, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 13, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The former MCTS supervisor who was fired for intervening in a fight between a woman and her boyfriend on the street was reinstated Monday, Milwaukee Transport Service announced.

MTS is the contractor hired by Milwaukee county to run MCTS. In a statement, MTS announced Bill Bierman would get his job back, plus full back pay.

"At the request of Milwaukee County, MTS met today with William Bierman to discuss his reinstatement as Route Supervisor," the group said in its statement. "As a result of that meeting, MTS has reinstated Mr. Bierman, with back wages."

After hearing a woman scream for help at 2nd Street and National Avenue on Oct. 6 and breaking up the fight, Bierman was suspended. Weeks later, he was fired.

"They said I basically violated the company's workplace violence policy," Bierman explained to TODAY'S TMJ4.

Bierman was honored for his intervention in a news conference at Milwaukee City Hall last Wednesday.