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Financial help could be available for Milwaukee seniors

CREATED Aug 14, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Some local workers and volunteers have a message for needy seniors. Help may be available, but you need to task.

TODAY'S TMJ4 met two Milwaukee ladies who are getting fulfillment in helping others. Both volunteer for the Senior Companion Program at the Social Development Commission. They want people living on fixed incomes to know that financial help may be available. 

67-year-old Irma White admits, "I felt great because it came at a time that I really needed it."
Ruth Willis adds, "When I went into the Senior Companion program I got the help I needed. I thank God for that! " Irma and Ruth found out they were eligible for benefits thanks to Yvonne Finch at the SDC. 
Finch estimates as many as 4,500 seniors in Milwaukee are not getting the help they qualify for. She adds, "The most important benefit would be the Medicare savings program and the extra help with their prescriptions and food share program."
Finch knows many older people fear computers, forms and paperwork. But she says she can help. Finch explains, "I get a lot of feedback, they just don't like computers, afraid of doing their own paper work afraid of  making mistakes. Some think their house or personal assets will be affected. That's just not true."
Finch says some of her elder clients discover an extra thousand dollars a year in benefits they did not know about. That makes her work gratifying. She smiles, "It's very rewarding. I get a lot of feedback cards from people who say, " 'Thank you so much, this really changed my life!' "
For more information on the Senior Companion Program call 414-906-2700