Father of stabbing suspect may have known of 'Slender Man' fascination

CREATED Jun 3, 2014

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WAUKESHA - It appears the parents of one of the suspects may have been aware of her fascination with the "Slender Man" character.

The website for British newspaper The Daily Mail uncovered photos like this one on social media from the father of Morgan Geyser.  It included this sketch of the fictional child killer character called Slender Man that Morgan drew on a napkin.
Matt Geyser cried when he left the courtroom Monday after his daughter Morgan was charged with attempted murder.  A a picture of father and daughter appears on the Mail's website posted from the father's Instagram feed.
The Daily Mail also posted this sketch of Slender Man from Morgan with the father's caption: 'Only Mogo - meaning Morgan - draws Slender Man in crayon on a napkin when we are out to dinner."
The criminal complaint suggests Geyser and Annisa Weier were obsessed with Slender Man and the only way to prove themselves was to kill someone.
The online story also says the father is a death metal fan who gave this skull and bones card to his wife on her birthday.
We asked psycho-therapist Jill Turcott-Nieslen to read the article. She sees a number of red flags about the father - daughter relationship and connection to the dark world.
To post something like that - I think most parents would be shocked," said Turcott-Nielsen. "On the other hand for the daughter if she is aware he has posted it, essentially that operates as a validation for her that she is going in the right direction and this is pleasing her parents."