Fast food strike hits Milwaukee

CREATED Dec. 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 5, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Workers from 100 cities across the country walked out of their fast food restaurant jobs Thursday, demanding higher pay.

Two busloads full of fast food workers and union supporters unloaded at McDonalds on North Avenue to march over to Wendy's.  They are demanding higher pay, and to be able to unionize.
"I work so hard and I haven't even really seen anything from it," said Marielle Crowley.  He has worked at McDonalds for 6 years, and makes $7.50 an hour.  He argues he deserves $15 an hour.
"These people make billions of dollars.  Billions of dollars.  Even if prices change, it should be coming out of their pocket," Crowley said. 
McDonald's company officials say they offer employees advancement opportunities, competitive pay and benefits.  They sent a statement, "We also respect the right to voice an opinion. To right-size the headlines, however, the events taking place are not strikes. Outside groups are traveling to McDonald's and other outlets to stage rallies."
Milwaukee County Supervisor David Dowen stopped by to see how the protest was going.  He supports legislation for fair wage in the county.
"A lot of people are making under the amount that even the federal government defines as the federal poverty line," Bowen said.
This was the third walk-out this year for the fast food workers.