Fans celebrate unveiling of Green Bay Packers' schedule

CREATED Apr 23, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The day the Green Bay Packers' schedule is revealed, is like Christmas for fans. This year is no exception. Just seconds after the official calendar was made public, cheese heads were in a frenzy.

Karl Atanasoff is one of those super fans. He's in charge of a group known as "Ron & Karl's Packers' Backers," which plans a different trip to an away game every year for about 150 people. Karl makes no money from it. It's purely for the love of the game.
"This is the day we've been waiting for," he says. "A lot of planning goes into this."
Helping with all that planning is another die-hard fan, Wendy Bosco.
"It's April and I've already got my Packer's jersey on, so you can tell I'm excited!" Bosco says. "I do everything from sending out the letters, finding the flights and hotels, organizing the money, making the deposits, ordering t-shirts. It's a big deal."
A big deal that gets put into motion as soon as the Packers' schedule is released.
"The NFL made us wait extra long this year," Karl says. "I basically stay glued to the team's website until the schedule is released. I want to be the first to see it every year."
This year, Ron & Karl's Packers' Backers plan to travel to either Miami or New Orleans for a game. They will finalize their plan by the end of the week. It will be their 20th trip.