Family upset Humane Association euthanizes dog

CREATED Nov 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2013

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GREENVILLE - The Fox Valley Humane Association is under fire after euthanizing this dog that they considered potentially dangerous. The family wanting to adopt the beagle is speaking out saying they're upset and shocked by the shelter's decision.

The Humane Association said the dog showed aggression around food after several tests. However, the family that found her says they had no problems with the beagle and could have handled any behavioral issues.

Betsy Quaintance and her family have three dogs but recently wanted to adopt another.

"We were looking forward to bringing her home," says Quaintance.

They found Peanut wandering near their house. The Fox Valley Humane Association asking for a week to find the stray dog's original owner. Shelter workers found no one, but Quaintance received no calls after filling out adoption papers.

Finally the family contacted the shelter and found out the beagle was put down.

"Our family is just heartbroken," says Quaintance.

FVHA Executive Director Liz Dietz says after several tests they discovered the dog had behavioral issues.

"After multiple attempts to acclimate her to a real life environment of being in a home with a bowl of food, her aggression escalated," says Dietz.

The family noticing no such thing.

"We played with her, we petted her and she was fine. She was kissing our faces," says Quaintance.

Peanut's euthanization blowing up on social media. Sara Miller, a volunteer with an area animal rescue recalls several similar incidents.

"Saw them, or saw them put online and then heard that they were later euthanized," says Miller

But the Humane Association says that's not the case.

"It's our job to be responsible in saying this could be an issue in your home," says Dietz.

Calling the attacks on their organization slander and misinformed. The Fox Valley Humane Association says they are open to discussing their practices with anyone, however they have only received one call regarding this incident.