Family relieved that missing newborn is coming back to Beloit

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

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 BELOIT -- It's this image of little Kayden swaddled in a Hawkeyes blanket and guarded by an FBI agent that has his family elated Friday Night.

“The lord had his angels over and protected Kayden and brought him home safe," said Virginia Powell

"I might cry I'm going to cry hug and kiss him I am just ecstatic that it is over and done," Mark Bennett, the baby's uncle, added.

Kayden has been on one wild trip in the first six days of his life. In the wee hours of the morning Thursday, the infant was snatched from his crib. Kristen Smith is now charged with kidnapping the baby. Bennett says Smith is the baby's aunt who showed up days after Kayden's birth.

A frantic search and MORE THAN 24 hours later Kayden would be found wrapped in blankets inside a plastic bin screaming at this gas station in Iowa.

"I think her plan was to put that baby at that one gas station drive to that other gas station, talk to detectives and feds and go back and pick that baby up. Continue her journey to wherever she was going."

This little bundle of joy is now back in the arms of his mother.

"The next step is to love my great nephew and be happy for them.”