Family members await return of missing newborn

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

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 BELOIT -- Relieved doesn’t even begin to explain how family members are feeling. Police finally took the crime scene tape down Friday afternoon, and Kayden’s great grandmother showed me where he slept the night he was abducted.

“I was holding my breath as they first started,” said Kayden Powell’s great grandmother, Shirley Bennett.

Kayden Powell’s great grandmother watched like the rest of us as officials gave the word everyone had been waiting for, that Kayden had been found and was well.

“Happy as heck!” Bennett said.

The family’s prayers had been answered. They describe the last 36 hours as a nightmare.

“A total madness. Nobody has slept. Haven’t eaten,” Bennett described.

Bennett was home Thursday morning along with Kayden’s mom, dad, and mother Brianna’s sister, Kristen Smith. Smith left the house just before 2 a.m., and Brianna noticed Kayden was missing around 4:30 a.m.

“She broke down on the floor and said Oh my god, somebody stole my baby grandma!” Bennett said.

Police searched the house, the neighbor and across state lines into Iowa.

“I kept looking out the window hoping the police would come and say they found him earlier than this,” Bennett said.

The news came 30 hours after Kayden disappeared, he was safe and was healthy. Bennett describes
Brianna as a caring, doting mom. She says she can’t wait to have mom and baby back home.

“I can’t wait. I’m going to snatch him, I don’t care what she says. That’s going to be my baby then!”