Family, friends search for missing West Milwaukee man

CREATED May 6, 2014 - UPDATED: May 9, 2014

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WEST MILWAUKEE - It's a trying time for the family of a West Milwaukee bartender who disappeared last weekend after a night of drinking.

Those who care about him are posting flyers and looking around.
On Thursday, family planned to head out to the Hank Aaron Trail to see whether they might find any clues about John Moebs' disappearance there.
It has now been seven days since anyone has seen or heard from the 33 year old man.
"I can't sit still. If I sit still, I'm just gonna worry," said Scott Moebs, brother.
John Moebs took a cab from a West Milwaukee bar early Saturday with his girlfriend and got dropped off on Water Street.
"We've canvassed the bars down there, walked through the area where he might've been. We gathered some information through phones and text messages," said Cpt. Richard Durica, West Milwaukee Police.
John was apparently there with a woman, who had stayed at the bar, when he got escorted out around 1:30 a.m.The witness claims that John had been in a fight inside Brothers. That corresponds with the last text message John sent, which said he was walking home and had a broken nose.

John lives near Miller Park. His brother says police told him they traced John's last cell phone signal to an area near the Summerfest grounds around 3:00 a.m.

 In a similar case, Milwaukee police searched the river for UWM student Nick Wilcox who disappeared from a bar just a few blocks from where Moebs was last seen.  So far, Milwaukee tells us they have no plans to do anything, except to tell their downtown officers about Moebs. But, West Milwaukee police are out. An officer stopped by Scott Moebs' home Thursday to prepare for a possible canine search.
"They wanted to look around his room in case there were any clues and they wanted to make sure to get something uh, his shoes and his work gloves to uh, to make sure that they had his scent for the police dogs," said Scott Moebs.
Moebs texted his girlfriend after they got separated, saying his nose was broken.
"Now whether he received that in a fight or if he fell down and hurt himself we're not completely clear on that."
MICHELE - "Did you say there's more to those text messages that you're not ready to share right now?"
"Correct," said Cpt. Durica.
We have reached out to Milwaukee police over the past three days. Although West Milwaukee tells us Milwaukee plans to search the river, we can't get confirmation from MPD on that.