Families finish last-minute school shopping

CREATED Sep 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Get ready, get geared up – a new school year is here.

"I'm very excited," says 7th grader Olivia Davis.

Davis is heading into the 7th grade and has some pretty high-tech tools to help her study.

"This year they said you could bring tablets if you want." says Davis.

Students of all ages are lining up for the latest gadgets.

"I would say I saw an 8 year old using an iPad the other day," explains Jeff Sama.

Sama is in charge of the school supply section at the Target in Wauwatosa and says some supplies never go out of style.

"Rulers, believe it or not. Number 2 pencils."

But they are going out the door faster than ever.

"I had people calling me in late June asking me 'Is back to school available yet?'" Sama says.

And the shelves show it. It's a shock for Joy Burton, who's shopping for her son and herself.

"I can't find anything," Burton Says. "I start tomorrow just like he does."

Jeff says they get more supplies in regularly, so if you can't find it now, it doesn't mean you won't find it at all.