Erosion forces plan to move road in Sheboygan County

CREATED May 6, 2014

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TOWN OF MOSEL - A road in Sheboygan County will have to be moved because of portion of the lake shore is eroding, creating a safety hazard.

The bluff along County Road LS, north of the Whistling Straits Golf Course has been vanishing for years.
Engineers attempted to fix the problem back in 2004, but it hasn't worked.
Greg Schnell is the Director of Transportation for Sheboygan County. He said the road will be moved 700 feet west to improve driver safety.
"Where the old road is today, that will be covered in topsoil and it will just be like those people's backyard." Schnell said.
Neighbors like Mathi Mervar are not happy with the plan.
"I'm going to have an erosion problem too, I don't have a couple million dollars to fix it." Mervar said.
Construction is scheduled to begin late June.