Emergency workers take extra precaution in dangerous cold

CREATED Jan 5, 2014

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GLENDALE -- The weather doesn't stop fire or police from helping those in need. They just have to take extra precautions to prepare for the elements.

When duty calls the men and women at North Shore Fire and Rescue waste no time to get out the door. But when working in these frigid temperatures, they want to take extra precautions.

"They want to make sure they protect themselves and have a little extra footing because it is icy, it is slippery,” says Battalion Chief Steven Brennan. “We want to make sure they're safe when we transport them back and forth on the cot."

Brennan says his crew has already seen a number of hypothermia cases.

Monday the mercury is expected to drop below zero. Sunday, Kate Lynch took shelter in her car while filling her tank to avoid any problems in the morning.

"It was empty, and I was afraid it wouldn't work," shares Lynch.

“Luckily I don't have to work outside. You guys are probably suffering a lot worse than I am having to interview people in this!" adds Lynch.