Emergency response crews prepare for I-94 closure

CREATED Jul 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- You might want to pack a little extra patience tonight.

Starting at 11 p.m., I-94 is shutting down, and the traffic tangles could become a nightmare for some drivers. 

Nakia Guyton, a Wisconsin State Patrol Sergeant, said extra troopers will keep an eye on the roads in Waukesha. He said they are expecting more accidents than normal this weekend.

The troopers won't be alone. They’ll have extra help clearing things out and preventing more delays.

"Right now, we have extra freeway services,” Guyton said. “...Free tow trucks that are sponsored by the state [will be in place] to tow the vehicles off the interstate."

He said if you do get into an accident, pull over to the shoulder of the road and turn your flashers on. Stay inside, and make sure you stay buckled up after you call 911.

It's not only law enforcement agencies who are ramping up for the big closure. They'll be in close contact with Waukesha County Dispatch.

"All the departments that we dispatch for, and especially those that run the length of 94, are prepared to handle anything everyday," said Waukesha County Dispatch Supervisor Christine Bannister.

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