School, homes damaged after tornado touches down in Verona

CREATED Jun 17, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 17, 2014

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  • Image by Todd Hicks

  • Image by Todd Hicks

VERONA - A tornado in Verona damaged dozens of homes and destroyed countless trees. The structural damage to 19 homes was so severe they are uninhabitable.

The rush was on Tuesday night to get many of  the homes with roof damage some protection from future rain storms.
A huge crane was needed to remove trees that fell on Cindy Bong’s home. She was in the basement with her husband when it happened.
"Lots of rain lots of noise," said Cindy, "and after the sirens subsided we went into the house and heard water coming through the roof."
There’s structural damage to their recently remodeled home and they lost about ten large trees.
"We’re blessed. We were not hurt and stuff can be replaced but it’s still hard," said Cindy.
Homes all around her have tree damage.
Darryl Graham was in bed just before midnight might when he got weather alert on his cell phone. Minutes later trees were down everywhere.
"We got that warning before we heard any sirens," said Graham.  "I know the warning sirens went off but we didn’t heard them."
Now the sound everyone is hearing is from chain saws.
The tornado wiped out an old barn. The classic cars inside it are firmly planted in a corn field  
"Warnings went out about 11:51 PM," said Steve Brueske with the National Weather Service. His team was out surveying the damage from an EF3 tornado with 140 mph winds. He believes the tornado was brief but powerful.  
"Time wise it wasn't more than about five minutes from what we are seeing."
Five minutes that will forever change this Verona neighborhood but at least everyone escaped unharmed to talk about it.