Elementary school mascot's head removed, police investigating

CREATED Mar 26, 2014

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CALEDONIA – A popular school mascot lost its head—again.

A statue of 'Clifford, the Gifford Gator' sits in the front yard of Gifford Elementary.

Wednesday morning, teachers and students quickly noticed something wasn’t right.

"No Clifford,” exclaimed Gayle Titus, the school’s assistant principal. “Head gone."

Someone removed the gator's head overnight, breaking the adhesive used to put him back together in 2005—the first time crooks stole Clifford's cranium.

The sight alarmed younger students.

"We were afraid some of the smaller children might be frightened by the fact clifford's head was missing. We explained to them it was really going to be okay," Titus said.

Signs and likenesses of Clifford adorn the school. He’s a central part of this weekend’s ‘Gifford Carnival,’ a fundraising event. Kids were looking forward to getting their pictures taken in front of the statue.

“It's very disappointing to the children," Titus added.

The Caledonia Police Department is on the case. Investigators may have a useful tool at their disposal this time around: social media.

If Clifford’s beheading was a prank, administrators are hoping someone will slip up and post online proof of the crime.

“If it was a younger crowd who was involved in this, they probably would have posted it somewhere," Titus said.

Police are hoping to retrieve the mascot’s head soon. Call officers in Caledonia if you can help crack the mascot’s mystery.