Egg farm begins to recover after devastating fire

CREATED Feb 1, 2014

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LA GRANGE -- Chopper Four flew over the scene as intense flames and heavy smoke filled the night sky. A day later, all that's left of the barn is this charred frame. S&R Egg Farm has been a staple in the community for five decades.

“I know the family quite well and I wish it would've never happened," remarks Palmyra resident Al Tietz.

The fire chief says 300,000 chickens may have perished in the fire.

Monte Witkowski used to work for the company. He says the loss is devastating, but the owners are resilient.

"They will bounce back. They’re tough. And they'll get the job done and rebuild and move on,” Witkowski.

The egg farm says it produces up to two million of Wisconsin’s eggs. Friday night's devastating fire could affect production.

"And they've got several locations,” says Fire Chief John Duerst. “So they'll probably keep those employees on if nothing more. They still have eggs to process and still have birds to feed and all that kind of stuff."

Plans for rebuilding are already in the process. The Vice President tells TODAY’S TMJ4 the company will remain in full production.