Ebola research underway at UW-Madison

CREATED Aug 19, 2014

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MADISON - Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are studying the Ebola virus, looking for possible medicines that could fight the deadly disease.  

They're working with a strain of virus that is what's referred to as "replication incompetent."
"Essentially, it's contained to a cell line and it's not infectious to humans or animals," said Rebecca Moritz, select agent program manager and alternate responsible official at the UW.  
Researchers are hoping to understand how the Ebola virus works.  They're also looking for possible vaccines and medications. 
"And as far as the development of new therapeutics, those are things that would be used further down the road because you cannot find a compound or vaccine today and put it into someone tomorrow," Mortiz said.  "It has to be vetted through the proper clinical trials before it can be used in humans, according to the FDA."