Early morning fire destroys garage in Washington Co.

CREATED May 19, 2014 - UPDATED: May 19, 2014

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JACKSON -- "This is my hero," said homeowner Jackie Cull.

Despite losing her garage, and having serious smoke damage to her house, Jackie Cull is happy.  "I'm so thankful.  God was watching over us, we all made it, we're ok."

Part of that thanks is because of her 6 year-old dog and his ferocious bark.  

"He was barking his head off like an alert bark like something was wrong," Jackie Cull said.
Jackie's sister was sleeping in the bedroom above the garage, and Taz woke her up.
"She heard him barking and sat up and put her feet on the ground and felt it was hot and heard popping and started yelling and getting everyone out," Jackie Cull said.
Son Zack Cull joked he's usually irritated with the family pet, "I was just thankful because a lot of times, he's just annoying. We tell him to shut up.  This time it's a good thing he was barking."
That annoyance has now turned to gratitude.