Eager fireworks fans camp out more than 24 hours ahead of big show

CREATED Jul 2, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Despite the damp weather, people have been claiming their spots for The July 3rd US Bank fireworks.

You could call them crazy and they might even agree with you. As you can see, the fall like weather hasn't deterred fireworks fans from getting out early, more than a day early to stake out the best viewing spots.

Cassandra Peterson and her fiancé have roped off a large lot well ahead of  the U.S. Bank fireworks.

"We got here at 10:00 this morning and it was raining, but we're troopers,"  said Peterson.

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Kalinda Faust also got caught up in this fall like weather, but she's sticking it out for her kids.

Her soon to be 11 year old son, Evan Peters said he was excited to see the "nice and pretty" fireworks.

"We've been doing this 15 years, just takes a lot of practice. We started with pop up tents and now we've gotten pretty far," said Faust.

And she's learned a few tricks along the way like what time to start setting up. This year to see the July 3rd show, the Faust family arrived at 10am July 1st.

"Rope off everything and tie tarps around us and just still have our fun," said Faust.

"So you're gonna stay out here regardless if it's bad weather, good weather?" we asked.

She said yes and agreed that she's in "for the long haul."

We found others who also have made this event a tradition.

"And luckily every single year, we're always right here," said Peterson.

What tends to happen after the crowds go home, you see what they have left behind. Milwaukee county parks plans to hand out garbage bags, so that hopefully people will pack up everything they brought and not leave anything behind.