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Driving school issues apology

CREATED Feb 14, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - From the managers who parents say have been rather unreachable, we got an apology today.  After 28 years in business, Confidence Driving School admits they've been going through a difficult time and they're sorry.

Confidence's manager Deborah Bessent didn't want to talk on camera on Thursday, but by Friday, she emailed us a statement.  The driving school blames scheduling problems on the weather, and on a teacher who is no longer affiliated with Confidence. We brought that letter to Rose Larson, whose daughter could not get the behind-the-wheel lessons they had paid for.  Larson wishes someone would have just told her that.
"If we're calling and saying, why is this being cancelled, and the answer is we had a teacher quit or it's inclement weather, I think I would be more understanding, but there has been no communication at all," said Rose Larson from Brookfield.
We have had a large response to this story. Wende Moline's troubles with Confidence began last summer.
"And immediately started calling them once a week for seven weeks, hearing the same thing, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you.," said Moline.
She doesn't buy the weather excuse.
"First off, the weather last July was beautiful and that was when I started calling them. So weather was not a factor," said Moline.
Confidence writes that they regret the inconvenience and uncertainty these problems have created, and they intend to and will honor their commitments on a timely basis.
We asked Moline if she accepts Confidence's apology.  "Of course, absolutely," said Moline.