Dozens rappel down Milwaukee's Hyatt Regency to fight addiction

CREATED May 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - About 70 people rappelled down the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee Tuesday.

"We're raising awareness and funding for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of addiction," said Gary Mendell, founder of Shatterproof.

It's a group based in Connecticut that's making stops in 18 cities across the country rappelling down buildings to fight the disease.

"This is a very insidious disease. It's not bad kids, bad families."

Rappelling is symbolic of the fight against addiction. "I can conquer my fear of heights if people can conquer their fears of addiction every day," Mendell said.

Shatterproof is also partnering with the Milwaukee Brewers. Tuesday is Shatterproof Day at Miller Park.

"It was really fun," said Brewers VP and General Counsel Marti Wronski, who rappelled on behalf of the team. "I've never held onto anything so tightly in my entire existence."

Wronski is also Hank the Dog's mom.

"No, he did not rappel down with me," laughed Wronski.