Dontre Hamilton's family granted meeting with Chief Flynn

CREATED Aug 26, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A day after taking to the streets the family of Dontre Hamilton met with Milwaukee Police Chief, Ed Flynn.


“Although the chief expressed condolences to the family I would say there wasn't a recognition the department provided information that was incorrect,” said family attorney Jonathan Safran.

Back in April Hamilton was napping in Red Arrow Park when he encountered the officer. The motivation behind the demonstration in the city has been to seek information. Four months after the deadly incident the Hamilton family still does not know the name of the officer. An officer they say fired 14 times killing Hamilton. They are also looking for proof the officer was injured in that fight.

Here’s what we do know about the officer involved. He’s been on the Milwaukee Police for 13 years and he’s 38 years-old. MPD said he remains on “administrative duty pending results of the investigation by the DOJ and Milwaukee County District Attorney's office."

Attorney Michael Maistelman is not involved in this case. But he said the wheels of justice take time.

“If there aren't answers yet it's because the pot is still cooking and it's not ready to be served up yet,” said Maistelman.

Under the new law here’s what is required: An independent team of outside investigators must investigate. That team is required to report to the district attorney’s office. The report only becomes public if that officer is cleared.  

“If you look at the law it can only be released if the investigation is concluded,” said Mastleman.

But the Hamilton family argues releasing the name does not break the law.

Attorneys for the family also filed a notice, essentially letting the city know it may sue in the future.

The district attorney has not given a timetable as to how long it will take to review the case.