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Don't like going to the gym? It could be in your genes!

CREATED Nov 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Mike Lovell of Milwaukee loves to run every day.

"I believe it helps me with my general daily life in terms of my attitude, being positive," Mike explains.

However, Rebecca Simenz admits, working out can be a struggle.

"I make myself get out there. Yeah, I don't think it necessarily comes naturally to me," she says.

Turns out that reluctance to work out could be in a person's genes.

"I wouldn't be surprised if people are predisposed to wanna work out, or not wanna work out just based on their genetic makeup," Mike says.

Some experts are calling it the 'couch potato gene'. This gene, which is already linked to obesity risk, is now linked to something else--the will to exercise.

Dr. Howard Jacob is a geneticist at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He explains it like this, "So they're gonna get the cue sooner that they don't want to exercise, and that could come in various ways--it could be they're feeling more tired, their respiration rate is faster than they want it to be."

It is possible for people to fight the gene--they just need to find the right motivation to exercise.

"So the right environment, and the right driver will overcome the gene, in this case," Dr. Jacob says.

Rebecca says she'll keep working out--even if she doesn't like it! "It's a stress reliever, to keep weight off, just to keep overall good fitness."