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Dog's remains found in Waukesha park

CREATED Apr 28, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- What is not in question is that a pit bull died along railroad tracks in Frame Park in Waukesha. But how the dog died is under investigation.

Nicole Voelkel was part of group who discovered the dog near the railroad tracks last Wednesday.

"It's sad to see it happen to a pit bull and i think it is suspicious that it happened to a pit bull," Voelkel says.

Voelkel believes the dog was abused to death and posted the picture on Facebook, prompting outrage online.

“I could tell [the dog was abused] because the armpit was cut and it had burn marks on the ears," says Voelkel.

Voelkel contacted the Humane Animal Welfare Society, which picked up the dog's remains . But HAWS is not certain this is an abuse case.

"The location where it was found alongside the railroad tracks leads one to speculate could it have been hit by a train," says Mark Hess, with HAWS.

Voelkel doesn’t believe that explanation.

“I guess HAWS says the dog was either hit by a train or a car, but the dog would have been ripped apart,” she says.

The dogs remains have been sent to Madison for a necropsy, or animal autopsy. Depending on the results of the necropsy, the Waukesha police may get involved.