Dodge County gets monster-sized military truck

CREATED Jul 8, 2014

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DODGE COUNTY - A government giveaway program has provided Dodge County with a monster-sized military truck, but is it really needed? 

The armored personnel carrier is called an MRAP. It once protected troops from mines in Afghanistan. Now Dodge County is turning into an emergency rescue vehicle.
"A lot of individuals say 'Sheriff, why do you think you need a MRAP or armored vehicle?' It's really for more than just one use," said Dodge County Sheriff Patricia Ninmann.
She says it could be used in situations like the shootout in Fond du Lac County that killed a police officer in 2011, the deadly Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting in 2012 or a potential active shooter at a school.
"We can pull this vehicle up use it as a shield to get the injured students out," said Sheriff Ninmann.
The Sheriff says getting an armored vehicle was on Dodge County's five year wish list but it would have cost taxpayers about
$400,000. They got the  MRAP for free.
Free from a government program that gives away surplus military items already purchased with your tax dollars to local enforcement. Racine County's Sheriff used the surplus program to get a $100,000 boat to patrol Lake Michigan.
Sheriff Ninmann says the M-RAP is not an offensive weapon but a defensive tool. The weapon turrets were removed. She is hoping the military truck will help safe lives in a natural or man made crisis.
"It's not just going to be a Sheriff's Department piece of equipment. It's Dodge County's for whatever we need it to be." 
Other departments around the state and the county have been getting the MRAP. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says it doesn't need one - it already has a different armored vehicle.