Dodge Co. woman accused of raising kids in deplorable conditions faces judge

CREATED Mar 10, 2014

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A Dodge County mother who is accused of raising her kids in what cops call a truly unfit environment faced a judge Monday morning.

Deputies found her two children living in deplorable conditions.

Secoy Koch-Miller tried to hide from the camera, but according to the criminal complaint, there was no hiding the filth in the house she lived in. Court documents say there were dog and cat feces on the floor, and toilets that didn't flush.

They report her two year-old son was malnourished and had spiders and spider eggs in his hair when he and his infant sister were removed from their home. 

“Yeah, that’s terrible,” says Secoy’s best friend Mariuh Burden. “But that’s not true because I used to live with Secoy and I’ve never found a spider in my hair.”

Burden says her friend is innocent. In fact, the house looked fine when she was there a month ago.

“I’ve seen it inside. Where her mom used to stay, it was messy. Where Secoy lived, it was clean,” says Burden.

We tried to ask Secoy about the charges as she left court, but she wouldn't answer our questions.

For now, her children are in foster care.

Burden tells us her friend is a great mother to her two kids.

“She’s amazing with them, whenever she gets to see them,” says Burden.

Today in Court, Koch-Miller was ordered a $1,000 bond and not to have unsupervised contact with her kids.