Dirty Dining

Mexican spot has two bad inspections in a row

CREATED May 29, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - After two bad health inspections in a row, a Mexican spot on the city's northwest side has been fined.  

It's Taqueria Buenavista on 87th and Brown Deer. The health inspector found a lot of cross contamination problems at the family owned business, which has been open for two years. 
Leonardo Sanchez's family owns the restaurant. He said the violations happened when things got busy.
"It's just we were really busy, and some of the things we're still cleaning them," he said. "We're just overlooking them, not cleaning them as much."
The restaurant was fined for things like raw pork stored over an open bucket of salsa and a styrofoam cup floating in the horchata bucket.  
"It was a dumb mistake the employee shouldn't have made," Sanchez said.
They're now using a ladle to serve the traditional beverage.
Food debris was also found in bins where utensils were stored. Sanchez said the restaurant replaced them with new, clean bins.
The restaurant was also ordered to clean the entire ice machine becuase it was moldy. Sanchez said it was broken at the time and had not been cleaned.
Clean pots were found stored on the floor. Sanchez said those were actually dirty. He pointed out that everything had been fixed.
"We're known to be a clean restaurant a lot of people come here," Sanchez  said.
Also dirty this week, Omega Family Restaurant on 27th Street and Morgan Avenue, a place Dirty Dining visited in 2011. This time food was too warm, and they had to throw out gyro meat and eggs. 
Keeping things clean - a new yogurt spot on Kinnickinnic  Avenue.  "Cream City Swirl" had a perfect first health inspection.